Why Gilmore Girls is the perfect ‘coming of age’ TV show

November 26, 2016

Gilmore girls was one of my favourite TV shows growing up, it’s pretty much up there with Buffy. I watched it every Sunday morning for years. I wanted to be Rory, hey I even ended up studying Journalism at Uni.

The Gilmore Girls reunion of season 8 on Netflix got me reminiscing about about everything Lorelei and Rory taught me as a teenager (other than my love of coffee). So, in the words of Lorelei Gilmore Life’s Short, So let’s talk fast!

1. For The Love Of Food


Food definitely solves most problems, if not all problems! There’s rarely a problem these girls can’t solve with a good Chinese. If in doubt, get take-out!

2. It’s OK To Feel Lost


It’s ok not to have the next 5 years of your life planned out. It will all work out in the end. Hopefully. Sometimes, just having the next 5 minutes of your life planned out is enough. We all feel a little lost sometimes.

3. Being Smart Is Cool


Being smart is a good thing. Pre-Rory most tv icons had an IQ of a hot dog. Rory was the first smart female TV character I fell in love with. She read even more than I did. And that was pretty cool. Remember when she brought a book to the school dance?

4. Girl Power


There’s so much more to life than boys, Paris pretty much taught us the meaning of feminism. Even as a teenager Paris was an independent, smart intelligent women. A little scary, but that’s why we love her. Paris taught us it’s ok to be competitive and to work hard for what you want.

5. Rolling With The Punches


 Gilmore Girls definitely taught us that sometimes life can be pretty hard. You’ll make mistakes *cough like Rory sleeping with Dean*, get a broken heart, date a jerk (definitely not a Logan fan) at some point. But in-between you’ll laugh lots, make some great friends and it will all be ok in the end.

There’s pretty much an episode for every life drama…

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