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Girl with Pale skin long ginger hair

Hey you!

Welcome to my corner of the internet, that’s me (up above) the pale, faux ginger, 24 year old from Northampton.

 I spend too much time online, writing, shopping and dabbling in the blogging world. I love vintage, classic books, singing out of tune and good food! I can’t promise you’ll love everything I write but please do stay a while, read a couple of posts and let me know what you think. I love reading comments on my posts so feel free to share your opinion in my corner or the interweb!
Have a lovely day, and do stop by again!

Want to work with me? 

If you have a product you want to to review, a post you think my readers might find interesting or a crazy idea for a project then email me at taneshamariee@gmail.com.


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